Working hard in Ellsworth, thanks to everyone that bought a brat and supported ARC!

ARC serves individuals & families within the River Falls & Ellsworth School Districts.

Our services: 

•Rent  •Utilities  •Transportation: gas cards, repair, registration, etc   •Medical  •Food   •Laundry  •Diapers  •Other requests considered

In 2016, the Assistance and Resource Center assisted 988 households: 581 families and 407 individuals.

  • 103 households were provided with housing assistance, for a total of about $22,105 in aid.
  • 221 households were provided with utility assistance, for a total of about $16,800 in aid.
  • 224 households were provided with transportation assistance, for a total of about $10,000 in aid.
  • 58 households were provided with food, laundry and other assistance for a total of $4,900 in aid.
  • 382 households were provided with referral information. 
  • Our services totaled $53,672.

In 2016, ARC’s operating cost was just under 3%.  

Ninety-seven cents out of each and every dollar donated went directly to serve those in need. 

​A testament to our necessity, over $312,298 has gone to families & individuals in our community since 2009.